What’s next for Nissan.

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This is an all-new teaser video from Nissan, showing pretty much everything that is coming up from them, for the next 2 years.

Just compare that to Mazda, who, a few months ago, announced there would be nothing new from them for the 2 years!

Not only this is a lot of new and redesigned models. But a pretty gutsy move.

Most of these look really good, and that is on top of their current, and all-new, sedan line up.

Good for them!

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  1. I have to say I watched this a few times. it is very impressive and their quality is top notch lately. Also had the opportunity to drive the new Altima. Wow! an associate just got one. Well Done Nissan!!!!!

  2. A 5 seat Pathfinder with no CVT and my checkbook will self-immolate from pen friction!

    Nissan, let's do this!

    I miss my 2002 Pathfinder so so much.

  3. I am very impressed with this, I think Nissan is going to come back much quicker than anyone thought. Of all the cars I've ever owned the 1989 240sx and 1995 300zx twin turbo were the most fun cars I've ever. And I've BMW's, Bens, Acura, Toyota, Honda and lots others.

    Bring it on Nissan, the new Z looks great so far.

  4. honda and toyota as well as hyundai will be watching this company closely. i agree that auto groups will be wisely seeking ownership of nissan stores

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