2021 Hyundai Santa-Fe

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Even though the 2021 Santa Fe is “just” a mid-cycle refresh, it is sitting on a new platform.
Which Allows for a lot of improvements.

Visually, the main difference is the front end. I guess Hyundai wanted to Santa-Fe to stand out a bit more.
And it does…
The rear end is cleaned up. Now it looks like all the rear lights are together instead of having what looks like the turn signal as part of the bumper. (They really need to do the same thing with the Kona)

Inside, it is not all new. But just like VW did with the 2020 Passat, it looks like half of the dashboard is new. As well as the console.
The screen is still not integrated, but at least it seems lower and wider.

I have to mention that these official pictures from Hyunday show the European version of the new Santa Fe-
While the blue car is the current US model.
Since it looks like the white one is sitting lower than the current one. (I guess maybe the European one has always been lower?)
Many of these crossovers need to be jacked up a bit for the US market in order to qualify as a “light truck” instead of a car. This saves a lot of cash to car makers… (Since MPG and safety standards are different for light trucks.)

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  1. So odd that they switch platforms in the middle of the product cycle, but they did the same thing with the Kia Sorrento a few years ago.

  2. The body-colored cladding (thumbs up) might make it look lower to the ground.
    The new front is distinctive, I'll give it that. All these weird textured grilles are just weird to me, but there are so many models, how do you make yours stand out?

  3. The center stack looks a lot better. The tailights look better. The body color cladding on the bottom make it look bigger, lower and more luxurious. The front is still to busy looking, mostly a lateral move.

  4. Interesting they changed all the bodywork including the shape of the grille, but didn't mess with the grille texture itself. I kind of like the continuity, which is a rarity in Hyundai design.

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