2021 Bentley Bentayga: About one percent less offensive…

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 Somehow, you have to admire Bentley (VW) for trying hard to improve the design of the horrible looking Bentayga SUV. After 4 years.
In my opinion, the front end, while looking different, isn’t necessarily better.

The rear view of the car is much improved. (which was not hard to do)
But the Continental GT real lights really do not fit the blocky design of the Bentayga. At all.
The hatch and the fenders have been totally redesigned for a more flowing look.
the bottom of the new hatch now looks like what Audi (or Opel) have been doing for years.

I think things are worse than before inside.
Where the circular vents have been replaced by a tacky, crome fille unit that now incorporate a ridiculous analog clock.
(Even though the side vents are still the old rounded ones)

Overall, an ugly SUV gets a little better looking. (or a little bit less offensive)

What do you think?

1- Do you like the new version?
2- Do you prefer the current one?

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  1. I would say the new one is worse. Those taillights are awful, they don’t match the rest of the design at all.

  2. The squared-off and flattened grille and front bumper seem to be completely at odds with the rounded-off rear end and taillights.. and moving the fender vent from beneath to between the two unrelated accent lines just magnifies how awkward they are. 0% improvement.

  3. The front end is equally bad, or possibly worse (which didn't seem possible): -5% improvement.

    The back may not fit with anything else, but it does look lighter and less ponderous: 20% improvement.

    Interior is marginally cleaner and less bulky: 1.5% improvement.

  4. I'd say the rear is definitely an improvement. But i still think you'd have to be insane to spend 300k on what is essentially a pimped up VW.

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