2021 Chevrolet Bolt “EUV”

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These 3 cars are basically the same thing. At different times…

– The top photo is the new Buick Velite 7 for the Chinese market.
GM is coming up very soon with a slightly larger (4 inches longer) more SUV-like EV based on the current Bolt.
Since Buick is a cool and very popular brand in China, it will be sold as the Buick Velite 7.
– The second picture shows what GM showed at a dealer meeting back in late 2017.
Which basically shows the same car. But not as a Buick.
– The bottom photo is the new  EV prototype testing.
Which will be sold in the US as the Bolt’s bigger brother (No official name yet)

The new model will be joined by a revised Bolt. With a new front end that matches better the new model. And an upgraded interior that could be similar to the larger car as well.
Since both cars will share platforms and powertrains, specs could be quite similar. Although with a slightly shorter EV range for the larger model.

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  1. Let hope the refresh Bolt’s seats are more comfy and the interior is dressed up a bit too. All BEV are not big sellers in the U.S. other then the Tesla models. BEV buyers want to only buy a Tesla model brand. The Leaf is doing poorly as well as the I-Pace. All BEV are not moving that does not have Tesla name in it. The current Bolt is very smallish in size and looks terrible!

  2. Wow. So this is what we have to look forward to. After all we've been through in these last few months, seeing this is just depressing.

  3. Why is everyone coming out with this same foating roof? Rav 4, 2022 Nissan Rouge, and Jeep Patriot now this? Doesnt everyone want to be different?

  4. What's that on the Buick's rocker panel? Mini-fins or stabilizers?

    Agree with Harry_Wild. Companies have bet many billions that the EV market will enlarge beyond Tesla in the US. I don't see it happening, but I'm an old fart.

  5. My Millennial son mentioned last night that when his Focus eventually conks out his next ride will be a Tesla. His Focus has been practical, reliable and fun to drive but engendered zero brand loyalty. And for his next car, his idea isn’t electric, it’s Tesla. Elon has built a brand monster. Other electrics aren’t even on anyone’s radar.

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