2021 Genesis G70 hatchback/wagon

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The Genesis G70 will not only get a refresh for 2021. It is also getting another body style.
With a hatchback! (Which actually makes a lot of sense since it is sharing its platform with the Kia Stinger)
Not sure yet if it will be a classic fastback (Like the Stinger). Or a more upright wagon shape.
Either way, I think this is great news.

As you can see on the top photo, this will not just be a “let’s add a hatch” situation. The rear door design seems to be quite different.
As far as the “facelift” is concerned, it also seems to be more than the usual “new lights and grille”.
On the top pic, you can see the side vent behind the front wheel has a completely new design. (The current one looks quite ridiculous) Larger, and better integrated to the profile of the car. (A bit more like the one on the Stinger)

I have only seen good to great reviews about the G70. This is really a case of a great car getting even better.

Good for them. 

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  1. Vince, what are you talking about "the rear door design seems to be quite different." The rear door is EXACTLY the same in the pre-facelift pictures you posted.

  2. Not sure if Patrick thinks the bottom pic is the facelifted sedan, but all the sedans pictured are the current model. The facelifted wagon/hatch version (let's call it SportCross since Lexus won't, LOL) that's covered up does show a slightly different rear door glass shape (the front door glass looks identical though), slightly less upswept with thinner chrome surround. Wonder if the sedan will get this same window shape, or will stick with the current (and more distinctive) glass.

  3. Lol y’all are blind; the camo smooths out the door cut and covers the surfacing on the prefaclifted sedan, but whatevs. The chrome trim is also still partially covered by the camo.

  4. I think I was referring to something other than you are – I was looking at the door cut line, but I see the difference in the window trim line now…perhaps same basic door shape but different window opening?

  5. @Patrick, looking at the hatch/wagon again I see the inner black portion of that quarter window does look identical to the sedan below it, but the chrome piece does extend lower and rounder, and yes it seems to follow the same door cutline of the older model. I guess we agree to agree! 😉

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