2021 Genesis GV70

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We have seen so many pictures of this new Genesis GV70. For so long, that I would expect it to be unveiled any day now…

Even covered up in heavy camouflage, it already looks good. And quite sporty.

Being based on the same platform as the G70 sedan, the base model will be RWD.
It will be competing with the Acura RDX and Infiniti QX50.
While the RDX will be competitive, it looks like the genesis could be the last nail in Infiniti’s coffin.

As Acura knows, these compact “almost mid-sized” 5 seater crossovers instantly become the brand’s most popular models.
Just like the RDX is. Or the GLC for Mercedes.

The new GV70 will really put the new Genesis brand on the map. as their most affordable SUV.
And their whole line up is pretty new. The big G90 has just been refreshed. (it mostly an “image car” anyway, not expecting big sales)
Their other models will be the refreshed G70 sedan and its new wagon version. the all-new G80 sedan and GV80 SUV.

This will be quite an interesting showroom for luxury car buyers not seeing what they like from Lexus or Acura… (As German buyers will mostly keep buying German, no matter what)

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  1. Where exactly does one buy a Genesis at the moment? All my local "Genesis" dealers have the same corporate website, and seem to be still in Hyundai showrooms, I think. Hard to tell.

  2. I’m pretty sure Genesis is trying to move away from traditional brick and mortar dealers to a concierge service. I own a new G70 and one of the appeals for me was never having to set foot in a dealership again for service. They drop off a genesis for me, take my car and return it when it is ready. All arranged via an app. Pretty smart in the age of Amazon (and Covid).

  3. these are very nice cars. but if and when i buy a lux label car, i want to go to a lux dealer outlet.without that I am going into a hyundai dealer to buy a 70k vehicle…i think not.

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