2021 Honda Accord

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Weird to see this 2021 Accord covered up with so much camouflage.
Since the 2021 model year is only scheduled for a mid-cycle refresh.

What you can see up front looks quite similar to the curent model. The lights seem exactly the same. Maybe there is less chrome. (Similar to what they did with the 2020 Civic)

There shouldn’t be to many changes on the profile, but somehow, the rear side window is completely covered up.
Which means, although very unlikely, they might have redesigned it somehow. Or at least the trim?

As far as I am concerned, the current Accord is one of the best cars you can buy. It doesn’t really need anything. Except maybe the panoramic sunroof already available in other markets.
 (And a hatch would be great)

(Thanks to a reader for the pix)

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  1. Hope they fix the front. That big gaping maw is ghastly. The Accord used to have nice clean lines, as recently as 2015. Now it just looks strangely proportioned in certain angles. More importantly, it doesn't sound like they've really fixed the oil dilution issues they've had with the 1.5L engine. Extending the warranty is not a fix. It means that a car that is traditionally known for its reliability is now something you should lease, not buy.

  2. I was thinking about the good looking shorter overhangs front and rear untilI saw the comments that this may not be the Accord.

  3. Whatever it is the proportions, in particular the shortish front overhang, look way better than what Honda's offering now.

  4. I see what you all mean with this being the Civic sedan. Which it could very well be.
    But it does have the exact same side crease running along the whole body, bellow the windows.
    The pictures we have already seen of the next-generation Civic hatch doesn't have that.
    The front end also looks exactly like the current Accord, covered up.

    I also think the proportions are wrong because this was taken with a cell phone. The whole thing is distorted.

    If this is the next Civic, it would mean Honda's next compact will look like a smaller Accord.
    Since the Accord isn't that popular right now (much less than the current Civic), I am not sure why Honda would do that…

    But who knows…

  5. There's nothing distorted about that photo. And, no, the front end doesn't look exactly like the current Accord. It does, however, look EXACTLY like the spy shots we've already seen of the Civic hatch, besides the grille texture.

  6. The current Accord looks fine from certain angles, but not all. When is Honda going to wake up and hire designers with a sense of good taste? Profile wise, it is insane to say it, the camouflage one looks better than the current Accord!! They need to do away with this wedge shape obsession they have.

  7. Honda needs to have a lift or hatch…back in the rear trunk. This will make much more functional!

  8. I love the proportions.. like the new TLX, it has more of a '90s sport-sedan stance with slightly taller greenhouse and shorter overhangs. Perhaps this isn't the Civic, but the Civic-based "compact sedan" replacement for the ILX?

  9. The lessened rake of the back windshield tells me this is not an Accord, unless Honda decided to change things up to a much more conservative look. The stubbier proportions look very similar to the spy photos of the new type R though.

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