2021 Kia K7 Illustration.

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So far, this is just an illustration.
But it does seem close to previous spy shots we have seen of the Cadenza replacement.

So far, this giant mouth design makes the Toyota Avalon grill look tame.
This is either a stroke of genius or the worst design ever…

While I do like the originality, it might just turn into a visual nightmare in real life. Especially considering the rest of the car, which seems modern but quite inoffensive.

What do you think?
A cool visual statement or a horrible mistake?

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  1. It seems mostly accurate except for the outer edges – looking at the shape under the camo it looks like the sides are much more narrow/sharp as compared to rounded

  2. After all that complaining about the new BMW grille (which looks tame when compared to this abomination), you have no choice but to hate this, Vince. Unless you're a hypocrite…

  3. Are we seriously debating the visual merit of this tortured-looking disgrace? Really ??? This is objectively awful, and the designer responsible for this mess should be canceled. This is far more offensive than any celebrity doing blackface or any stupid shit like that.

  4. It isn't just the size, it's the coarse, funky texture and black plastic on this and BMW's. I object to the change in texture for the bumper.

    Some people want to drive something distinctive and eye-catching (see Nissan Juke), and at least the front of this one fits the bill. If they put a big dorsal fin on the roof, it would complete the large-mouthed bass look.

  5. I think the grill is fine, but in the end it won't match the rest of the car. Also, doesn't it remind you of the 2021 Santa Fe? The shape isn't exactly the same, but the idea is, right down to the diamond and triangle pattern to the grill.

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