2021 Kia K7

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The upcoming K7 will replace the current Cadenza sedan.
(Which has been called K7 in Korea for years)
Just like they are supposed to call the new Optima the “K5” in the US as well.

This illustration looks pretty close to the various spy shots we have already seen of the car. It seems Kia has decided to go from old fashion luxury to quite a modern and simple design.
And, yet another “fastback but no hatch” design.

The current Cadenza has been getting mostly good reviews but has been a very poor seller in the US.
We’ll see if Kia decides to bring this next generation over here or not…

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  1. Yes, you are correct about that cartoony huge grille. Not sure why I didn't mention it. I guess it was just blocking my view…

  2. Sadly, it does not appear like an improvement. New? maybe… Improved? Clearly not. Looks too much like a Hiunday or a Ford. More like a Ford.

  3. Why did Kia go with this greenhouse design when pretty much everyone went along this design as well including the Altima, Civix. Chrysler 200, Lincoln, Fusion, Avalon, Sonata? Why is everyone going with this greenhouse design?

  4. I guess the next design will be to run the huge grill to the corners and place the headlights in the grill!?!

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