2021 Lexus IS teaser

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Apparently, the “all-new generation” IS sedan will be shown next week.
And Lexus has just released this new teaser (above)

There are also rumors it will be using the same platforms and engines.
And why not, since they sold so few of these (under 15 000 last year. )
Besides the usual competition, the IS now has to worry about the new Genesis G70. (Which sold almost 12 000 units last year)
The G70 will also be updated very soon.

It is hard to tell from the teaser if the 2021 IS will be an all-new design. At least form that dark teaser.
I think they basically need to re-invent the whole IS thing. They used to offer a wagon version and I think something like that or close to it could have a better chance than a straight small sedan.

We will have all our answers next week…

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  1. Wow, not at all happy with Lexus if they are using the same platform and/or engines. No excuse for a company like Toyota/Lexus not to completely redesign the IS, especially after the current gen has been around for 6 years. It's time Lexus finally made the IS a real benchmark in it's very respective class. Acura is on the right track with the new TLX.

  2. I was reading elsewhere today that the new IS is switching to the TNGA platform, but that the new RC is switching to the new Mazda/Toyota platform. It doesn't make sense to have a coupe and sedan in the same price range be on 2 different platforms, but who knows.

  3. This hints that they might be going back to the clear "Altezza" taillights that caused such a sensation/trend when the IS had them 20 years ago.

  4. FFEMT6, stop taking model years so literally. It's been around even longer, so just saying "six years" conveys a lesser timetable of putting up with the lackluster 3rd generation XE30 IS.

    Production of XE30 began in April 2013, for mid-2013 rollout. More than half of 2013 sales were the 3rd generation car, so how has it only been around for 6 years? I expect car enthusiasts to know better than the general public about rule of thumb

    75% of new redesigns, are released before the model year designation (2014) in the fall (2013). 20% are between spring and summer (2013) and 5% are same year-same model year (2014 model in January 2014).

    Or is it that most of you can't think in the abstract and miss this stuff too easily? Forgetfulness?

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