2021 Lexus IS: why???

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New body panels? I guess.
New car? I don’t think so…

It looks like Lexus is following this new sedan “redesign” trend with its “new” 2021 IS.
Since these sedans do not sell well anymore, they now think a “heavy facelift” is good enough to call it an all-new car.
This is exactly what VW did with the 2020 Passat.
It does have new panels. On top of the old structure.
And the interior only sees a redesigned dash top and console. So it “seems” new.
I actually think the 2020 IS dashboard looks more modern than the revised 2021.
(That round vent on the side really does not belong there…

The exterior looks like quite a mess. The side scoop in front of the rear wheel is just way too pronounced.
This is just too bad. As I mentioned before, a while some Lexus Execs were wondering about a total change for the next IS. Something more like a fastback or sporty wagon type.
Instead, they went the easy and ugly way.
Which is really too bad.

I wonder if anyone at Lexus really thinks this redesign will sell more than the previous one???
A revised Genesis G70 is just around the corner. And it already looks 100 times better than this.
And, the G70 will come with a fastback design in addition to the regular sedan.

(Thanks to a reader for the tip)

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  1. I actually had high hopes for this. I was expecting a much cleaner design after that teaser. Oh well, the new TLX is looking pretty good right now.
    I don't blame them for just facelifting the current car. Unless you're BMW or Mercedes, the market for sport sedans is pretty tough rn. It's almost impossible to justify the investment on an all new car. Cadillac did the same with the CT4. I also doubt the G70 will get a new generation after the upcoming facelift. Most of these small sedans will have to be reinvented as EVs if they want to survive.

  2. Hardly see any new Lexus vehicles on the road anymore except the ugly RX and GS SUVs. Their horrible (front end) designs plus the cost just isn't appealing anymore.

  3. Slow selling car in a declining segment. it's not surprising really. Toyota does this type of "redesign" more often than people recognize. They just get away with it more easily than GM or Ford ever could.

  4. To my surprise, I prefer it to the current one, even with the giant black gaping spider maw.
    They pulled off an Escala framed-glass C pillar far better than Cadillac did in the CT5, which should embarrass GM's designers, and a Bangle-butt better than BMW or anyone. It doesn't look as much like a melted Toyota as other Lexi do.

    Of course, no tall people in the rear. Every sedan becomes a 4 door coupe, and they wonder why they don't sell.

  5. Why are you using the pre-facelift pictures of the current IS (from 2014) instead of the current vehicle, which was facelifted for 2017?

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