2021 Nissan Terra

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Hard to see much, but the top photo is the all new generation Nissan Terra.
The other pic shows the new Terra’s silhouette as part of the Nissan’s recent Teaser showing all their upcoming models.
Since we have the Rogue and Pathfinder, we don’t get the Terra in the US. If we did, it would be more of a replecement for the old X-Terra. Since it is based on the Navara pick-up truck.
They could still bring it over here. As it seems there is a market for more “trucky” SUVs these days.
Why not…

This is the current generation Terra SUV.

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  1. If the details are as clean as the Rouge, I sure hope they bring it over here. Reminds me of what I think the Pathfinder should have evolved into.

    Would be a great, and affordable, alternative for those drawn the the aging GX.

  2. The Terra looks fabulous! Bring it over to go fill the gap in Nissan’s line up in the North America marketplace!

  3. Let's hope the new Terra loses the bumpy/dippy/saggy greenhouse and bodyside swells as the Rogue has.. Nissan should really reconsider marketing this in the US, especially considering the recent resurgence of rugged utilities (Bronco, Defender, et al.).. and bring back the Xterra name!

  4. Sigh.

    Nissan, are you reading? This is what I want to replace my fabled 2002 Pathfinder.

    V-6, NO CVT, 2 row seating…

    My checkbook aches!

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