2021 Subaru CrossTrek gets 2.5 Liter engine.

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The Subaru Crosstrek is getting a few changes for 2021. The main one being the availability of the 2.5 Liter engine with 182HP.
Which should be a nice upgrade. The larger engine comes standard on the new “Sport” version (top 2 photos)
And the more luxurious Limited model.
Although, by getting the Sport version, you are stuck with some weirdo color elements inside the car.
On the steering wheel, stitching, etc… Which is the case of that metallic yellow car pictured above, it just looks a bit much.
No matter what, that interior is still quite busy. It feels like what it is: Subaru’s previous generation interior design. (As the current Outback has such a nicer interior.)
And you still cannot choose colors. It basically comes in black, or black and grey.
Still, this will not stop the Subaru fans from getting a Crosstrek. Since Subaru sold over 130 000 of them last year. Or about twice as many as the Imprezza. (Which is basically the same car, sitting a couple of inches lower. And thousands less)
I have to say, these do look cute…

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  1. those black fender flares are asinine in design. cuts and angles for the sake of it….and their sister company rav4 copied those as well. different for the sake of being different …sucks

  2. Great utility in very unique styling… No wonder this vehicle sells so well and will only see an increase with the new changes.

  3. not ….great Utility at all, not unique in style in any way , the previous poster is a Subaru fanboy/salesperson

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