2021 VW Tiguan

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This is, of course, the European version of the Tiguan. Which is shorter than the one sold in the US.
But our model is supposed to be getting similar revisons, except the new R Version pictured here.

This is basically just a new front end for 2021. (Green one)
And a larger screen inside. (Except the new new steering wheel on the R version shown here)

As I mentioned before, after driving one for a week, I was not impressed with the Tiguan at all.
This is strictly for people who wnat the largest SUV for the price. At the expense of power and refinement. The negine gets really noisy when pushed (which you need to do quite a bit) and the transmission gets very confused. The blocky interior is also very 90’s. A larger screen doesn’t really help anything.
To me, almost anything like a CR-V, CX-5  is a much better choice for the money. And probably much more reliable in the long run…

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  1. I think the interior "upgrades" are actually a downgrade; Th screen looses the volume knob, the AC controls are a lot fuzzier and have capacitive buttons instead of logical round dials, even worse, the capacitive buttons are also now on the steering wheel, where you can't really operate those blindly anymore; And, even the digital instruments now have the smaller screen form the Polo which has the fuel and temperature gauges as cheapish andhatd to read in sunlight LED points left and right of the (much smaller) screen, unlike the version before.

    And all that without changing the rather dated looking shape or so so material quality in places….

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