2021/22 BMW 4 series Gran Coupe

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It is not very hard, now that we have seen the real 4 series, to guess what the Gran Coupe (4 door hatchback) version will look like.
Which means these illustrations are probably very close to the real thing.

As I mentioned earlier, I am slowly getting used to that weird/huge/cartoony grille design.
I think this 4 door version could look quite nice…

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  1. a27d24_9419c25adab4445eae1fde70caf3cf5c_mv2.webp

    I believe this render is perfect. We will get used to the face no matter what everybody says.
    Howmeister Kink in the attached web page render is perfect.

  2. Looking just like a smaller scale M850 Grand Coupe, could make this the most attractive BMW in the line up.

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