Cadillac Lyric Concept teaser

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Well over a year ago, Cadillac provided us with a couple of 3D illustrations of what they described as their First EV Crossover. (bottom photo)
And it really looked pretty good and super modern.
Although, these super-thin headlights were obviously for a concept and not an actual car.

Now, they have released a teaser that includes real shots of the upcoming concept.
And it just looks a bit weird.
The rear park, behind the C-pillar, looks odd. At least on the screengrab from the video. (top)

And since it is still just a concept, who really knows what the real thing will look like.
We still don’t have any new Cadillac looking remotely as good as the Escala concept from years ago…

A concept also means the production model is probably still years away…

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  1. The Cadillac Lyric looks weird! Not quite a crossover styling but more a sports hatchback or coupe! I do not like it!

  2. 1st they show us just a drawing, and now just a teaser about a CONCEPT? There is not one person out there on the edge of their seat going "OMG a Cadillac EV concept car!"

  3. At this rate, it will be 2025+ before Cadillac finally release this Lyric BEV to the public! Tesla will have the same market share of BEVs in the U.S. market 98%!

  4. I agree with Vince. That C-pillar design looks… questionable. It's hilarious to see these half-hearted attempts of mainstream carmakers to compete with Tesla. And the fact this is only a concept still makes it even funnier. I guess it hasn't dawned on them yet that EV buyers want a Tesla, and not their dad's Cadillac.

  5. It seems Cadillac is going the way of Lexus, judging by the fussy c-pillar and the weird rear lighting.

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