Classic spotting: 1st generation Ford Bronco

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I’ve seen it before in my neighborhood, but today I had my camera with me.
This first-generation Bronco looks pretty amazing. And in perfect condition.
No idea what year this is since they were produced from 1965 to 1977. All they all looked pretty much the same…
What a cool, simple design…

And don’t forget this!

Coming up, really soon.

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  1. I like the new Bronco overall, but don't understand the little window line kick-up just above the door handle.. the original doesn't have it. What's more, it's exactly the same shape that I imagined the current Lincoln Continental would have had at the end of its rear door window, because the original 4-door Continentals (from 1961 to the mid-1970s) and the Mark II and Mark III coupes all had it.

  2. Sorry, but the new one looks like a really big Suzuki Jimny. I wish they could make something more akin to that concept from the mid-2000s. That thing was glorious.

  3. Nice resto on the neighborhood Bronco! I actually like the little "kick-up" on the new one, as it better helps to define the updated overall shape. I have recently test-driven a number of various new SUV/CUV/Jeep models, and if the new Bronco has a reasonably smooth, quiet ride — and super fuel economy (with necessary climbing power) — then I will likely move it to the top of my next-purchase list. My current lease doesn't run out until next spring, so it will be a perfect amount of time for FoMoCo to iron out any relevant issues it may have. Only remaining decision would be whether to get the 2 or 4 door version.

  4. After seeing them side by side, I think Ford did a tremendous job of bringing the first gen Bronco into the modern era.

  5. If priced right and don't go for the electric car option, this is my next automobile, Vince.

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