Hey! How about even more pictures of the new Kia Sedona?

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On this particular model at least, the plastic trim within the grille looks really busy.
It’s just a weird convoluted design.

As far as the silver C-pillar trim in the back, I still like it. But what does look really cheap is that big black plastic trim right in front of it. It struggles to match the lower window trim and it just looks odd and cheap…

Still, overall it looks quite nice and distinctive.

Good interior pictures coming very soon.

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  1. The overall shape is better than the current gen, but the detailing is very fussy. I guess that will be the trend for new Kias from now on. I still think the KV7 concept from years ago is still a far superior design, and this can't even hold a candle to that concept. But i guess we can't have nice things. Ever.

  2. The Cadillac Lyriq teaser, the new F-150, the Nissan Kicks facelift… so many stories that you could have covered. But instead you made another post about this korean box.

  3. I think Jeep might have something to say about the 7 vertical rectangular bar shapes on that grille insert.

  4. What is the checkerboard looking texture on the silver C-pillar trim. That even adds to the awkwardness.

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