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I still like the current model a bit more. This new one seems to mix a very bland design with more upscale aspirations.  While, probably, costing about the same.
Visually, it seems to try to attract people who think the new RAV-4 is just too square/trucky for them. Yet think the new Escape is too car-like and soft.
Plus those who are missing the previous generation Rav-4 design…

Inside, it is more upscale. And a lot busier.
( I am not a fan of the cheezy Bentley wannabe quilted seats)
Still, the lack of style will be fine for most. As it won’t be offensive to anyone I guess.

Under the hood, it’s the same old 2.5 Liter/CVT combo. With 181HP. (Nissan claims the engine is “new”)

As I mentioned earlier, I test drove the current model a couple of times before and liked it.
Except the engine was quite rough when pushed. And the CVT was not as bad as people claim.
The whole thing was fine for most (slow) driving. Good enough if you don’t expect much.

Not sure this will be enough to keep the crazy high sale numbers Nissan has been enjoying. (although sales were down by over 60 000 units from 2018 to 2019)
There are plenty of other great choices out there. Most of them have better powertrains.
Or at least more powerful extra-cost options. And hybrid versions available.

Nissan has not announced the availability of any other engine for the new Rogue. 

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  1. Very uninspired redesign. Not class-leading or trend-setting in any area, but the Karens that are the target demographic for this thing won't care one bit about that. They'll still sell millions of these. As long as it pays for the next Z car…

  2. I rented the current one for a week. it was alright. I liked it for the most part except some of the cheap plastics; but it wasn't the top of the line.

    The a/c sucked in it though… you could tell it was just the poor little a/c meant for the versa.

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