More pictures of the all new VW ID.4 EV

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We have had previews of this for the past few years, as a couple of concepts. So this doesn’t look that modern or original anymore. Only if compared to VW’s current 1990’s looking SUVs like the Atlas or Tiguan.
Still, I think this has good potential. Since it won’t have much competition.
At about 185 inches long, it is only a couple of inches shorter than the Tesla Model Y.
The smaller ID.3 starts at the equivalent of around $33 000. The ID.4 is expected to cost between 5000 and 10 000 more. And between $38 000 to $43 000 to start, it would be at least $10 000 to $15 000 cheaper than the expensive Model Y.
And about the same price as the smaller Chevrolet Bolt. Or Hyundai Kona EV.
It is also just a couple of inches shorter than the much more expensive (and not sold in the US yet) Mercedes EQC.
Good to finally see a larger Electric SUV that is not from a luxury brand.

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  1. When the China designed Tesla C (rumored name) compact sedan enters the market, VW will miss another opportunity of selling their remarkable small ID.3. The dumb suits at Wolfsburg still don't know that not everyone in the US eats cheeseburgers all day to warrant the larger size ID.4; the ID.3 is perfect and most likely priced for $5 K less. Hello? McFly?

  2. I thought this would be Kia Niro sized, but it's actually almost identical to the US Tiguan.. it's bad enough VW can't be bothered to compete in half the market segments their compeitors do, but to be creating multiple vehicles overlapping each other in the same segment is even more idiotic.

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