What could have been: Dyson EV SUV

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By now, we all know that Dyson has canceled their EV project.
Which is really too bad.
Now we have actual photos of the still-born project.
While the interior seems very modern and innovative. It does have a strong 1970’s feel.
(It reminds me of some of the weird 1970’s seat designs Renault used to do in some of their cars. Which is pretty cool.)
But the exterior design is much more conservative. And not that original. It really doesn’t look better than a range Rover Velar…
They canceled the whole thing after realizing the car would only break even if priced at over $180 000. 
Or about twice the price of a Model X…

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  1. the car would only brake even if priced at over $180 000

    Well, there's the problem: no acceleration, only braking.

  2. this attempt sucked them clean of a lot of cash ….waste. why does that pretentious dyson guy want to make a car anyways ???….take it ease dyson guy!!!

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