2021 Dodge Durango: a great update!

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When was the last time we talked about the Dodge Durango?
I am glad to see the Dodge SUV getting a refresh. Since Sergio Marchionne did his best for years to kill Dodge (and other brands) by starving it of new models or even any kind of investment, it is good news to see FCA spending some time and money on the Durango.
Unlike its cousin, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Durango is not an all-new design for 2021.
But, I have to say, it still looks really good. And it is still getting good reviews. For a model that came out 10 years ago, this is quite amazing.
The exterior updates are mostly upfront. A very clean and understated design. Dodge did a great job by not including some huge chrome grille like so many other manufacturers do these days.
Inside, the dashboard and console seem all new. (The doors look to be the same as before, with different trim)
And it looks really good too. The new larger, 10.1-inch screen is very well integrated to the design. (No stupid after-market looking tablet here)
Of course, there is a ridiculous HellCat version with a 710HP available for 2021 only. 
Otherwise, available engines are the 3.6 Liter V6 with 295HP.
A 5.7 Liter V8 with 360HP or another HEMI V8 with 475HP.
The current Durango is still quite popular, for a 10-year-old model.
They sold over 67 000 of them last year. (Beating the Nissan Pathfinder) I am sure that, with these updates, and maybe some advertising (at least letting people know that Dodge is still around) it will become even more popular.
Sure, there is a total lack of any kind of electrification, since FCA is really late on that front. (Thanks again to Sergio who didn’t believe in it)
But the Durango isn’t for those who want to transport their families using the least amount of gas.
It’s all about offering that old fashion feeling of a smooth V6 or even a V8. All at a decent price.
And I think there is still quite a market for this these days.

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  1. That is a clean, strong, front facia. Dodge should consider using that basic shape as a brand identifier for the rest of its line.

  2. while the exterior design seems a bit bland (to my eyes), the interior is definitely a step forward. I rented several of these last year, they are actually great vehicles, comfortable, smooth, fit a family of 4, plus dog plus luggage. basically a 3-row Grand Cherokee.. the only weak spot was the dashboard design, i liked the Jeep's better but Dodge appear to have fixed this. Price it right and you'll have a winner (needs to be $7-10K less than the top Hyundai/KIA twins which are the high bar nowadays)

    I rented 75+ cars in the last year and a half and got to sample many brands. I have to say, they (Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep) have THE BEST infotainment system in Uconnect. It just works, it's simple, intuitive, easy to use. Plug in your phone and go.

  3. I heard they finally axed the Journey and the Grand Caravan. A lot of cars getting axed lately: these two, the Lincoln Continental… but the Durango remains alive and well…

  4. Dodge is good for another 5 years with a refresh dash, infotainment screen and console. Looks fabulous the inside.

  5. Not sure why Dodge matters to anyone. There are no Dodge dealers anymore, just CDJR (which is what’s on the license plate frame the dealer put on my Grand Cherokee). Dodge is just a brand and all Sergio did was make it stronger by separating out Ram (another great move) and making it all about high performance. For the first time in a long time the Dodge brand actually means something and all without any new product. All Sergio did was take a failing company, FIAT, merge it with a bankrupt company, Chrysler, and turn it into one of the most profitable automakers in the world, all while paying off massive debt, satisfying FIAT’s family owners and Italian unions, and the Obama administration’s demands for high mileage no profit small cars. Quite the balancing act. And by the way, not believing in electrification before its time was another savvy move. Noone has made money on electric cars yet and only Tesla has sold them in volume. Sergio’s last agenda item was to merge with a larger automaker with the resources to develop electric cars when there’s finally a profitable market for them (ie the late 20’s). Check electrification off the to do list: the PSA merger will accomplish that right on time.

  6. I think the interior /dashboard redesign looks great. Personally, i own and drive a used 4 dr nissan suv with a strong 4 cylinder (light vehicle, great 4 sp auto with overdrive, close to 170hp and works for me! ) so a full size suv might be overkill. But if i had the cash, a new dodge durango would be great. Probably with the smaller hemi V8. The V6 might be adequate , but man, if you get a dodge such as a durango or a challenger , chrysler 300, jeep grand cherokee, the Hemi with it's sound and power is too intoxicating to dismiss. I live in Vancouver Canada and we pay the highest gas prices in north america. GasBuddy it and you see for yourself. It is the main reason i keep driving 4 cylinder japanese vehicles for the past 20 years.

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