2021 Hyundai Tucson: Vs. the Vision T Concept

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 It is no secret the next generation Tucson design is a production version of the gorgeous Vision T concept we saw late last year.
Which looked fantastic.

Upfront, you can tell things have been toned down a bit 9of course) The side “vents’ aren’t so huge anymore. but it does look pretty similar. Including the crazy looking LED signature.

the rear end, at least the lights, seem very different from the concept.
Not sure why, since the ones on the concept didn’t look that crazy. They look a lot taller too.

Just like the new Elantra, this could end up being a pretty radical design for Hyundai.
At least, it will be different and interesting. And that great!

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  1. You know car design has stagnated when an amateur effort like this is considered "gorgeous" and "radical". Gone are the true designers like Chris Bangle, Patrick Le Quement and Marcelo Gandini. Now all we have left are "stylists" with the maturity and intellect of a horny teenager that just regurgitate old ideas, only adding pointless creases and agressive grilles to every new car that is released. This is just another "macho" raised hatchback that will get lost in the noise instead of moving the game forward.

  2. The current one is a top rated small SUV. This redesign will elevate it a couple of notches. And yes, Hyundai designs rock. They figured out one basic element of purchasing early on; customers use their eyes first, when they buy

  3. At the risk of repeating myself like a broken record, I have to point out to you that many of these "concepts" are stylized previews of upcoming production designs that have already been signed off and fully locked in, in terms of final showroom appearance.

    It is very rare for an automaker to show you a concept and then tone it down right after you see it, into a production model. That's story book drivel.

    You journalistic types have a tendency to misread that narrative and make opinionated guesstimates, which are a little bit off in terms of the truth. And as a consequence mislead people.

    Sometimes you get it right, but many times you don't. Things like the Lexus LF-LC and LC 500 are indicative of concept to production process. And the price shows it.

    Things like the Vision T Concept and upcoming 2022 Tucson are not indicative of such a thing. The turnaround time to develop a bunch of concepts and then get public feedback first, is nonexistent.

    To approve a Vision T for production and tone it down for final engineering in late 2019 or early 2020 following feedback, wouldn't arrive until model year 2023. The upcoming Tucson was definitively designed in 2018 and finalized probably well over a year ago, if not 2 years.

    That's how it goes and not how you think it does Vincent. I do all of this for a living and cringe at all of the auto media fallacies.

  4. Well then let's see you design a car then, you seem to appear as quite the expert to do so. Mind you you're comparing the designs of an economic brand to those of which you listed who worked on upper class cars, in which 90% of time design is a power player for the market. What were you expecting here, gt4 like beauty ?

  5. All your crap about the sequence of design events can totally be abstracted from readers like myself because WE DON'T GIVE A S*IT ABOUT THAT.

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