2021 Kia Niro: act II

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When it came out a few years ago, I thought the Kia Niro was a great idea. 
It was more lie an “almost” tall wagon than an SUV. The Hybrid version starts at under $25 000.
And the pure EV gets 239miles of range. Which is still pretty decent. 
But apparently, I was 100% wrong. Since it was never a hit. 
They sold less than 25 000 of them last year…
As you can see, Kia has been hard at work on an all-new 2nd generation. I guess the EV version will be priced under that all-new, larger and sportier, EV that is coming out soon.
Let’s hope for a longer range, of course. But also an even more efficient hybrid model. And a nicer and more upscale interior. 

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  1. The current Niro has a pretty cheap looking interior. The Ioniq interior (pre ugly new touch screen), was just so much better.

  2. I genuinely don't understand the mentality of who is running Kia. "Yeah, the first gen was a massive flop, let's burn money developing a replacement". Same thing with the K900 and the Cadenza.

  3. Yeah who is buying hybrid and PHEV crossovers these days?! Seriously, building one now makes even more sense than it did for the first generation

  4. I wish the Niro had a higher quality interior. It's not awful, but lower quality than I'd prefer, even on the top trims.

    As for for the Niro EV — I would LOVE to buy one. Three problems:
    1) CA only – not offered in my state at least. Dumb. A liquid cooled EV for once, and I can't get it at my dealer. Fail.

    2) Production issues – They don't make enough – waiting lists, people who want them, can't get them

    3) Pricing – While not a bad choice, if you're going to end up spending 38K for it… Wouldn't most people prefer spend 38K with a "premium" manufacture (i.e. Tesla?) Not saying Tesla is better (Though I think most could agree, their super charger network is a huge selling point…) But if Kia wants to complete with a junky, plasticky Niro EV, that you can't get anywhere, that has a waiting list, and is priced similar to a Tesla = it's not gonna happen.

  5. I do agree about the interior quality. Kia also has to try and offer more interior colors. All black or grey is not that great…

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