2021 Kia Sonet: how about another small SUV from Kia?

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 Yes, there is yet another Kia crossover/SUV thing on the way.

This is, so far, mostly for the Indian market.
But I am sure, Kia will be very tempted to bring it over. Just like Hyundai did with the Venue.

It looks cute enough. With a smaller grille than the Venue. Too bad the interior is inspired by the new Sorento. Looks like it uses similar cheezy looking air vents. Lots of shape and silver trim everywhere could make for a very busy looking small interior…

This is the Sonet concept from last year. As you can see, this was basically just a pre-production model with some funky trims.

What do you think?
Should Kia bring the Sonet over here? Where it would compete with both the Hyundai Venue and Kia’s own Soul?

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  1. Probably will replace the Kia Rio/K1 in the US market, and the Soul will likely be pushed upmarket.

  2. Don't forget they already have a Rio CUV in Europe called the Stonic.

    This is even Smaller than that.

    The Stonic sits as a small Supermini with the Seltos being bigger and the Sonet being a City CUV, if there is such a thing

  3. There is already the Stonic in Europe as Rio CUV. The Seltos is slightly bigger and this is slightly smaller.
    This could be a City CUV if there is such a class

  4. I think Stonic would completely overlap Soul in size and price, so that's why it hasn't come to the US. But this Sonet could easily be the price leader for Kia and replace at least the Rio hatchback.

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