2021 Mercedes S-Class: are they even trying anymore?

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It sure doesn’t look like they are trying very hard does it…

Sure, body panels are different. But the glass area, proportions seem exactly the same.
While the S-Class has alwasy been a conservative choice, at least, each generation did look quite different from the previous ones.
Even setting the new design languages for their other, cheaper models.
This not only look 99% like the current one, it also looks like all their other current sedans.
Not a new design language…

So lazy…

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  1. It's called a facelift Vince. VW always does it too. That's how they focus their money on more important stuff like engine and transmission.

  2. Doesn't really matter because this introduces a new modular platform for the whole Mercedes-Benz brand rear wheel drive sedans and coupes.

    MRA II which replaces MRA, which entered production in February 2014 on the W205 C-Class sedan and spread across the sedan and coupe/cabrio lineup.

    The outgoing W222 S-Class utilized a variation of the same platform as the W221 launched in 2005, something which most people didn't know about.

  3. I think it's a rather nice evolution in design. No real revolutionary change was needed, so they sharpened and thinned out the body, and now it looks less porky and definitely a lot classier in my opinion.

  4. I like it! Nice and more modern looking interior with “big” size infotainment screen and features.

  5. I've never understood how some of the most expensive cars go the longest without getting totally redesigned. This new S Class, vehicles like the Toyota Land Cruiser/Lexus LS, etc.

  6. Apparently you’ve forgotten that the W221 (debuted as a 2006 model, generation preceding the current one) also had a nearly identical roof line and windows. This isn’t unique to the new sedan. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  7. Hopefully they didn't slap a huge grill with fake air vents on the front like many other brands and call it a day!

  8. @11:05 knows a lick of nothing, because this is NOT a facelift as already said above. People are so clueless and embarrassingly stupid, when they have no evidence.

  9. This isn't a facelift. Really look hard at the glass design, they are indeed different designs however similar they may look.

  10. Hard to tell on a black car but it appears the upper character line that fades away in the rear door is gone. I thought that line made the car look like the designers lost interest and the forward 2/3 didn't match the rearward 1/3. Otherwise the exterior design looks classic, elegant and understated just as an S-Class should be. However from pics already seen the interior looks too trendy and less elegant. Big screens are for homes, not automobiles.

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