2021 new Kia EV: unlike the Imagine Concept.

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As you can see on these new pictures, the upcoming, all-new Kia EV will not be a production version of the really good looking Imagine Concept from last year. Which is kind of too bad…
As Kia had previously mentioned they would “produce the Imagine in 2021”.
Maybe that just means they will actually use the name “Imagine” for the new car.
Which is fine. As the prototypes of the actual production version do look quite interesting.
not as smooth as the Concept. It seems a much more angular design (The way the A-pillar meets the roof).
It also looks a bit lower and longer than its Hyundai cousin, which is a production version of the 45 Concept. (looking very much like the concept)

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  1. Sigh, once again because it appears to be a combination of the Imagine concept and the Futuron concept. You could easily post pics of the Futuron for additional reference (or at least mention it in your posts about the spy shots), instead of just focusing on the Imagine.

  2. This looks nothing like the Futuron either… And Kia execs did mention the Imagine would become a production car in 2021.

  3. Shocker – concepts not looking like the production model?! That never happens! I didn't say it was identical to the Futuron, but the rear shape in particular has strong hints of it, hence my saying it appears to be a COMBINATION of the Imagine and Futuron concepts.

  4. It will be interesting to see what Kia/Hyundai solid state batteries are all about and how will it compare to Tesla's upcoming new batteries.

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