2021 Nissan Ariya Vs Ariya Concept: pretty much the same thing!

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 Even though we all know (by now) the Ariya Concept was basically a pre-production version of the real thing, it is quite amazing to see how close the production car is to the “Concept”. (blue car)
Which looked great as a concept already. This makes for a fantastic looking production car.
This is a great crossover design, period. Electric or not.

Same thing inside!
Last year, the concept’s interior was largely praised by the press for being futuristic and beautiful.
The production version has not changed. Except for some small details like the cup holders.
And these are terrible, grainy photos!

There is still a rumor of a $35 000 starting price. If that is before incentives, it would be pretty amazing.
Especially if the basic EV range is over 250 miles.
The only bad news for Nissan is this is basically the last nail on the Leaf coffin.
Again, I really think Nissan should be selling the Renault Zoe in the US as a slightly smaller, but cheaper Leaf replacement. Something with 200 miles range that starts right under $30 000.

I am really excited about this new Ariya and will post more pictures very soon.
As we discussed earlier, I don’t really consider this a Tesla competitor, since there is really no such thing.
Telsa has almost become a cult and its fans will never even look at anything else.
Let’s just hope there are enough open-minded electric car fans out there to make this a hit.

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  1. There's a slight bloatedness in the concept that the production version smoothened out very well. Maybe it's an effect that was caused by the concept's oversized wheels.Whatever the case, this design will win quite a number of accolades both inside and out. Tremendous job Nissan, you just might be in the middle of an incredible comeback

  2. I wonder what the two forward and rear buttons on the side of the centre arm rest console are for? Could it actually be to move the whole centre arm rest back and forth?

    My Murano will be traded in for this btw, looks amazing.

  3. P.s. it looks like Nissan finally updated their key fobs thank GOD. If the ones in the cup holder are any indication.

  4. If they offer an alternative to leather seating that's not some cheap cloth material, I'm in. You do realize Mr. Musk is aware of this as he dropped the price of the Y by $3,000 as one of the reasons.

    If this is cheaper and of a good range it will turn Nissan around.

  5. Over 300 miles and fast charging will make it a winner. Although the "me too" crowd will buy a Tesla.

  6. The Ariya's exterior design is 95% identical to the VW ID.4 EV (except the front and back details). Probably this Nissan is using BYD's EV framework as well (as VW ID.4 is). The Chinese EV technology is starting to dominate the world now. Almost All outgoing EVs are based on Chinese designs now. (except Tesla, GM, BMW, MB and Hyundai/Kia which are based on LG and Samsung EV designs). When you buy batteries from a third party (BYD) to build your cars, you must buy their battery management system, motors and their underbody harness which directly dictates the physical chassis of the vehicle. All these make up more than half of the costs. EVs are more like electric appliances than what we have typically considered as cars.

  7. If this has Chinese technology then a big no thanks from me. Don't trust the Chinese or their "technology".

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