2021 Nissan Frontier: a better look

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We can finally see a bit more of the all-new 2021 Nissan Frontier.
We know the powertrain will be similar to the revised 2020 model.
Which means a 9 speed automatic with the new 3.8 Liter V6 (currently rated at 310HP in the 2020 model)
The Frontier had a huge price increase for 2020. As it went up by $7500 from the previous year. 
Which will allow Nissan to price the all-new one slightly above and claim “a very small price increase (or none at all) over the previous generation”.
Even with the new price, it is in line with the current V6 competition. (although the 2020 version is a 15-year-old design)
I still do not understand why Nissan doesn’t combine our Frontier with the overseas Navara pick-up. 
Which, it seems, would save them tons of cash…
Ford is basically offering the same Ranger all over the world these days.

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  1. Current Frontier is not a fifteen-year-old design, because designer Kiyoshi Yanase said that Nissan chose his D40 Frontier design proposal in December of 2001 and applied it to '05 Pathfinder , after they rejected his exterior proposal for the 2004 Titan in December 2000.

    Remember that cars are not designed when they come out, they are designed well before they are released, to leave a few years for final engineering.

    The current truck made its debut at the 2004 Detroit Auto Show in January 2004, so it's already 16 years. You can easily find this out in a history book or past interviews, vs making opinionated guesstimates that aren't based on facts.

    This is a heavy facelift of the existing truck and will be revealed by the end of the summer allegedly.

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