2021 Nissan Frontier: the blocky choice.

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Nothing new here, but I thought it could be interesting to see these 3 pictures together: 
The next Frontier pic from the recent general Nissan teaser. 
A photo that was supposedly shown at a dealer presentation.
And the actual thing, as a prototype driving around.
There is no doubt this will be quite a macho looking truck. The new squared-off shape and details are in sharp contrast with softer designs from GM and Ford with the current Colorado and Ranger.
And I think this is a good idea for Nissan.
The powertrain will be the same as the revised 2020 model. With a new V6 and a 9-speed auto.
I wonder if that combo will also be available in the upcoming, although unrelated, Pathfinder.
Since it seems the CVT is being criticized a lot. (Mostly by people who are not actually buying these cars)
Although I have never had a problem with it in various Nissan cars I drove. 
(It is actually great an super responsive in the Maxima)
What do you think? 
Will this blocky design help the new Frontier stand out?
Is it a bit much?

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  1. Yes, Vince has got it. I was referring to in your last Frontier related post, you have seen the truck per a leak or two. I was specifically referring to these.👏

  2. Looks really good… If i were into trucks I would for sure consider it…. on that alternate earth…. Tacoma is really blocky also…. Just sayin

  3. Ha! You are right about the Tacoma. I forgot about it. I guess it dates back from a time when trucks were all blocky…

  4. Dates back from a time when trucks were all blocky … and were real trucks not cars dressed up as trucks.

  5. Hoping for a less than 210 inch length and Blocky is fine with me if proportions look good! This could have a 360 degree camera as well which only tacoma limited has at moment. I am waiting for a reveal before I buy, not out of question could go with a closeout 2020 for a great price if Nissan Misses it on the looks dept like Ranger and Chevy did and to lesser extent Tacoma

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