2021 Toyota Corolla Cross: another useless huge grille.

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This is really too bad.

The new SUV version of the Corolla could have looked like a cute small crossover, like the Honda HR-V.
Instead, Toyota chose to give it yet another disproportionate plasticky and aggressive-looking grille.
Which not only looks out of place but also ridiculous. Since most of it (as usual) is not even functional.

This is really a weird trend. Decades ago it looked like grilles were generally on their way out. which made cars much more modern looking. (For a while, even the Honda Accord got rid of its grille and even had pop up headlights!)

Now it looks like a competition for the largest grille. Which looks especially horrible on small raised hatchbacks like these…

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  1. It's not necessarily the size, but the shape and design of the grille that bothers me. It looks so tacky and crude, like the designers didn't gave a crap.

  2. No offense, but the more I see it, the more I go, "meh." It just looks like a current gen Hyundai Tucson was bred with the just released Highlander….

    I vote NO/Pass

  3. I think cars look better with grills vs no grills, but when you have giant non-functional "grills" like this, it just looks terrible.

  4. You'd think by linking the name to the Corolla they'd also give it a little more visual similarity.. the previous generation RAV4 looked more like a Corolla than this does.

  5. TFL complain at 3:08 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM1jnscGZdQ Simply cause the front-end is high for nothing like all suv .So ridiculous this front grille which is useless (apart from blocking the wind) on half of its surface. Of course the Prius sells less because it isn't look rugged, but here they could have done better in term of aero efficiency & I'm not the only one to think like that.

  6. The Toyota Corolla Cross grill is ugly. It’s too much and it reminds me of a sad face. I don’t like that.

  7. Thie grill looks monstrous. It put me off from buying hybrid model. If there is any function to this madness? I have had toyotas the last fourty years, but this is the ugliest model of the century…

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