Mazda CX-5 spy shot: what’s going on?

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Mazda announced last year they would not have any brand new models for another 2 years. At least.
Which means no new Mazda6 or CX-5 any time soon.

But this prototype was recently caught in Europe. And it looks exactly like the current CX-5. So I’m not sure what’s going on. Except maybe a very slight “facelift” upfront. Not visible from this angle.
And a new interior?

I think Mazda will be just fine with no new models until 2022. Since they have already upgraded the Mazda3 with a new Turbo option.
The CX-5 might be getting a few changes. And the 6 doesn’t really need anything. It is basically as good as it can get until the all-new generation comes out.
Which will be quite a game-changer in the segment since it will offer RWD from a new platform, and a 3.0 Liter inline 6 cylinder.
Which would really make their already great sedan a sportier and classier, yet roomy, alternative to SUVs.

What do you think is going on with the picture above?
A mid-cycle facelift or a very early test mule for the next generation?

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  1. I'll never understand why Mazda is so unsuccessful. Their cars look great, drive well and, as far as i know, are reliable. But i guess the average person is too mediocre and too afraid of betraying the herd mentality, which is why Toyotas are so popular. I guess it's the same reason why Adam Sandler movies are so popular…

  2. Mazda seems to be on a downward spiral in sales lately, also reliability issues. The CX5 diesels are time bombs.

  3. Investing so much money, for so many years, on that Diesel engine was really a horrible way to spend their money.
    A great company that somehow doesn't seem to be in touch…

  4. Vince, I am with you on Mazda’s out of touch with reality top tier management. They work on getting their diesel emissions for the U.S. from 2012 to 2018 and released last year! LOL! That why they again need a strong auto ally again. It was Ford in the 1990s and Toyota in the 2020s. Mazda always seems to be burning monies away and need a rescue ally, again and again! Mazda barely makes any money as an auto company.

  5. Mazda is going to nowhere at least in US. Nice exterior, poor interior – copied from competitors. Fun to drive – extremely doubtful, especially for CX-5. No hybrid, no electric. Everything feels like not worked out inside – 2019 model – you don’t have a place to put your smartphone. Crappy paint and metal thickness.

  6. I have a Mazda CX-5. I love the way it drives and I love its looks. What I don’t love is that if I want it retrofitted with apple car play, I have to pay for it. Definitely don’t love that.

  7. Mazda is a sweet ride. We got a 3 in 2006, a 6 in 2011 and a cx5 this year. They all run well and look great. No mechanical issues, ever.

  8. We received the fantastic deal on a diesel CX-5 and love it! (They are still using the diesel engine in their cars).

  9. Researching new cars 2020s, Mazda is consistently within a grand of their MSRP. Other dealers I can find 3-5 grand off. If everything else is close that makes a big difference.

  10. My family has had a 2015 cx5 and upgraded to the 2018 cx5. I love it except that the engine lacks power. I tow a tiny 4×6 enclosed trailer with barely any weight and its a dog. We also own a cx3 which was nice for my wife at first, but two kids its too small, and after 2 years its a bore. Little noisy inside as well. Again I love mazda’s reliability, but they are lacking all over the place.

  11. Maybe its getting new side sculpting and horrible CX-30-like black cladding.. then they could call it CX-50..

  12. Other online sources are guessing that the 2021 CX-5 will get the new infotainment and seats from the CX-30. Mechanicals and body expected to stay the same.

  13. I don't understand it either. It is definitely one of the auto world's great mysteries. Mazda is actually my favorite auto manufacturer. The things they are able to accomplish as a small niche company are nothing short of remarkable. Can you imagine what they could do if they had the deep pockets that Toyota and Honda has?

  14. Check your facts…MAZDA sales are UP year over year while the industry is down. Reliable, Attractive and Fun To Drive.

  15. Driven well over 25,0000 miles on our 2019 and man so far so good besides your usual oil change and tire rotation. But I'm there with you confused why it isn't doing so well. It feels luxurious compared to Toyotas Rav 4.

  16. Really they need to revano their dealer network. They have the behicle prowess but still have a draler network of 90's kia. You cant go upscalenwithout delivering the experience.

  17. Check your facts. Mazda shared engine tech for Toyota hybrid tech. They do not own Mazda or any part.

  18. As an owner of a 2018 and 2019 CX5 I can tell you Mazda is lacking behind on the tech side and unless you habe the turbo engine, it can feel sluggish and unresponsive but the driving dynamics are solid as well as the looks. I'll be looking forward to the new interior. They're worth the money but all it takes is one thing to throw people off. And like you said herd mentality as well.

  19. My wife was needing a new SUV for the last 6 months but after looking we just didn't like anything but would settle for a Toyota Highlander @ around $50K. Saw a car thursday in a parking lot, didn't know what it was but googled the wings/m on the grill & it turned out to be a Mazda. Was impressed with the styling & the interior quality blew me away. Looked online & read up on the high tech driver assist stuff & bought one last saturday for under $30K. Mazda needs to advertise way more, they've really stepped up their game.

  20. And more than a few people that haven't owned or driven one calling BS. Nothing can touch the CX-5's refinement at that price point. Don't believe it? Go read professional reviews from professional automotive writers, not Youtubers.

  21. I have purchased or leased nothing but Toyotas for 20 years. This year again they were my first stop. What I found were huge price increases on vehicles that no longer kept pace with the competition. I liked the looks of the Mazda and leased one. Could not be happier. Great car at a reasonable price. Good-bye Toyota. Sorry you have been relying on your reputation for too long.

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