New Nissan Magnite: production Vs-Concept

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The little Magnite concept was just introduced a few days ago, and we already have a pitcue of the production version.
Which, as expected, seems to be almost the same thing.

The production model will be powered by a tiny 1.0 Liter Turbo with 100HP.
And it is about 2 inches smaller than the Kicks.

This new Nissan is so far only scheduled for the Inidan market and a few other countries. There is, so far, no plans to sell it in Europe or the US.

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  1. It's got the Datsun design language.. guess it's a model planned for that brand but now switched over to Nissan

  2. Was just about to ask if that grille was more similar to the defunct Datsun than the current Nissan language.. I actually prefer this to what Nissan is doing.

  3. Obviously this is not for NA, but I really love how Nissan is coming up with production models lately that are very close to the concepts.

    Looking at you Subaru and Toyota, see it can be done.

  4. It looks pretty close to the concept, however I really think they messed up by having the hood cut-line above the grille instead of the clamshell design like the concept. Ruined the look just like the last-gen BMW 3-series.

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