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Acura has announced pricing for the 2.0 Liter Version of the all-new TLX sedan.

It is quite a bit more than the model it replaces. Which started at $33 000. Which was right in the middle of the Honda Accord pricing range.

The new model starts at $37 500. Or right above the Accord. The Acura comes with a 272HP version of Honda’s 2.0 Liter engine. With a 10 speed auto. 

The pricing is very similar to the RDX. A Technology package starts at $ 41 500. The sporty S-Spec version is $44 250. While the top of the line Advance package is priced at $46 300. AWD is an option on all versions for an extra $2000.

The base price is also about $1500 less than the popular (still over 51 000 sold last year) Lexus ES. Which comes with a standard V6. A Volvo S60 starts at $36 000. And the Audi A4 at $37 500.

So far, the new LTX looks great. And I am sure Acura made sure it would be a great driving car as well. Pricing is tough for them since it does have to be a bit above the Accord. The TLX is about 2 inches longer than the Honda. And a bit shorter than the Lexus ES.

What do you think?

Is the pricing right? Or still too much?

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  1. How is it going to complete with the cheaper 2021 Kia Stinger which come with 375hp 3.5L Twin Turbo GDI and RWD?

  2. That interior looks a bit overstyled…. particularly the 2 blue-striped, giant tan slugs on either side of the shifter!

    Also that front grill always looks like "this is the shape we have to use, because all the other shapes have been trademarked"

    (I'm sorry for such cruel assessment for folks trying so hard)

  3. Pricing is OK but it's unfortunate that there isn't anything really uniquely new other than driving characteristics. No pano roof, no hybrid or phev option, no sportback/liftback. Sedans nowadays need something to set it apart from SUV's popularity.

  4. It makes sense that the pricing has skewed upward, not only to distance the TLX from the Accord but also for the higher-content models to replace the departed RLX.

  5. Considering how badly Acura is doing right now, why would they make this car this way? The exterior isn’t completely unattractive, but it’s forgettable and not smart looking. The interior center stack is a cluttered hodgepodge. It’s just not a clean and effortless design. What is Acura supposed to be today anyway?

  6. Priced too high. Should have started at more like $33-34K. Sedan market is shrinking and need more of a price advantage. Looks pretty good though.

  7. Acura TLX is going against the G70, G80; which is better in every way! I do not see it selling well.

  8. Type-S won't have power folding mirrors, remote engine start, HUD…etc, bummer, going for a stinger instead.

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