2021 Audi Q5 Sportback

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You can tell there is still a little bit of camouflage on these pictures. The logos are covered, of course. But they also messed with the front grille and lights.
As well as the rear lights and bumpers.
Still, it gives us a very good idea of what the Q5 “coupe” will look like.
Which is OK I guess.
The regular Q5 looks pretty good if a bit non-descript. This seems to be another version of blah…

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  1. Low taste tail lights and crappy looking wheels have been the weakest elements of the Q5 design. The sport back version has a chance to fix them. .

  2. Wow, what happened to Audi design ? I guess this is what happens when most of your top designers leave for greener pastures. The same thing that is happening right now to BMW. Creative brain drain…

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