2021 Genesis G70 wagon: not just an added hatch

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We all know Genesis is adding a sporty wagon version to the Genesis line for 2021.
The wagon version will inherit other changes the sedan is also getting for the new year. (HERE
Which, as you can see on the top picture, include a larger side vent. Which will be much better integrated to the design (as it should have been from day one)
Besides the hatchback, the rear door design seems different as well. Probably matching the new rear window design better. 
Adding a wagon is a pretty gutsy move for Genesis. Basically something we haven’t seen since the original Lexus IS 300 Wagon. I really like the idea, but not sure yet if they will sell well at all…

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  1. Again, Hyundai-Kia burning precious R&D money on a car that will surely be a flop. Those wacky koreans…

  2. The rear door itself looks the same. What they changed was sharp upward curve of the rear quarter window. The wagon straightens that out making the rear quarter window larger on the same door.

  3. Maybe for other markets, but not quite sure how this will fly in US. Wagons are really not that engaging. As a current G70 owner, I'm MORE than happy with my sedan. Best car I've ever owned. Wouldn't have minded if they incorporated more of the fastback hatch like the Stinger, though.

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