2021 Hyundai Custo minivan: the new Sedona’s cousin

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It seems Hyundai belives in a healthy minivan market. As you can see, they are about to launch their own version of the new 2021 Kia Sedona based on the same platform. With, of course, its own design and interior. 

From these pictures, it looks like some plastic cladding is missing from around the wheels. Which means Hyundai will try to give the new minivan smoe sort of a fake SUV look. 

The interior seems also very different from the Kia version. With a vertical screen that seems to belnd into the center console.

the Kia Sedona will be sold in the US. Not sure about this one though. 

What do you think?

Should Hyundai bring this one over here as well?

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  1. This could very easily be the new (non-existant) Ford Windstar with that Ford Explorer face… (and Ford Escape D-pillar styling cues)

  2. This is absolutely hideous. I guess it reaaaally needs those plastic wheel arches back on but…
    Look at that clumsy afterthought of a rear door track. What year is it? 1995? And right about, that's gotta be one of the most awkward rear windows I've seen since the CT-5. The thick chrome trim trailing from it is terrible.
    Up front, the tiiiny corner of the headlights trailing off looks like the designer missed an intersection point, then tried to fillet the mistake. The fog lamp housing below is similarly a tortured shape (what is that chrome trim doing??)/

    This can stay abroad. No one in the states is clamoring for a minivan version of a Santa Fe. And certainly not one as ugly as this.

  3. This looks like it was rushed after the Sedona was unveiled. It's not stylish at all. Just looks like something they just designed at the last second. It's not even hard to pick the Sedona over this. Hell the current Sedona outdoes this.

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