2021 Hyundai Kona: simple things…

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It looks like the mid-cycle ‘facelift’ will be pretty intence for the Hyundai Kona. And a vast improvement over the overly busy designed front-end of the current model.

The Kona is a cute little SUV. It also drives really nice thanks to a great powertrain. ( I test drove one HERE)

But the front and rear ends are a mess. From the teasers above, it seems the revised model for 2021 will address the problems.

The front end on these teasers looks much better. Let’s hope they did the same thing for the rear end.

The interior could also use a few small upgrades and a better-integrated screen. Like most current Hyundai designs…

A sporty N Line will be included for 2021. And later, a full one N model will be offered.


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  1. Agreed Vince, those teasers are very promising. As much as the current Kona has grown on me, I still don’t quite like its design. A sleeker design like in those teaser pics would be great. Especially as it’s also now competing with the new Mazda MX-30 in Europe where the Kona needs to succeed the most, the market there is massive for small cars

  2. Looks a bit Kia'ish/ Tiger nosey to me. Frankly think the existing model is more distinctive and one of the better looking Hyundai's out there. If you want to clean up a disastrous over wrought front end, go up three sizes to the Palisade.

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