2021 Infiniti QX55: not dead…

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Today Infiniti released a new teaser of their upcoming QX55 SUV.
It seems we had seen the last teaser so long ago. I guess they wanted to make sure it was still alive. (As most of us have forgotten about it)
Even though it is still not ready to come out yet. It is now scheduled for November.
The QX55 is just a slightly sleeker version of the QX50. Just like what Audi would call A “Cross Sport”.
That new “Coupe SUV ” thing.
While I am sure it will look really nice, the design of the QX50 isn’t really its problem.
Various reviews have criticized the powertrain. Apparently, it isn’t that great. The pricing was also an issue. But the design was mostly praised.
So, “Changing what works” might not be the best idea here. Unless they fixed other stuff too.
So far, the “regular” QX50 is a huge disappointment for Infiniti. 
The Acura RDX came out at around the same time and sells well over twice as many units.
We’ll see…

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  1. Yes, whatever they call it. SportBack. SportCross. BackSport. Crossback. Or even SportSport…

  2. Nissan really needs to pull the plug on Infiniti. It was a fun ride while it lasted, but it's over. Now they're just a waste of resources. And they're not even successful in China, like Buick is (which is why they're still around). What's the point ?

  3. Infiniti needs to dish the variable value engine since it really does not improve mileage or horsepower at all. Plus, the maintenance will be a nightmare and costly since nobody even Infiniti’s own auto technicians are still learning how to repair the engine. It is also equip with a CVT too! Other then that, I kind of like the look of the QX50!

  4. THANK GOD they finally killed that stupid signature curve in the rear window corner. That crap ruined every one of their designs!

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