2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee interior: wow…

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We finally get to see a real picture (top) of the all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee for 2021.
And it already looks really impressive. Also very modern while more upscale than ever before.
(The second picture was a leak published last February)
While its cousin, the Dodge Durango, is “just” getting a facelift, the Jeep will be all new.
This is probably due to the fact that Sergio Marchionne was doing its best to kill the Dodge brand by starving it.
While the new Jeep has been in development for a while.
It looks like things got rectified with Dodge being allowed to stick around. Unfortunately, there was no time for an “all-new” Durango. 
Which is just fine, since the Dodge still looks great.
(And could still migrate to the new platform in a couple of years)
I think this new Grand Cherokee interior looks pretty impressive so far.
What do you think?

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  1. Good to see that FCA is investing big money in the new Grand Cherokee. As they should, as Jeep is a huge cash cow and is pretty much their life support.

  2. As a 2014 Grand Cherokee owner ready for an upgrade in a couple years, this makes me very excited (the blurry pic had me a little worried). Love the size of the screen and a rotary shifter is my favorite of the electronic ones I've used. Material quality looks like a big step up from my Overland trim. Can't wait to see how the exterior evolves.

    There isn't a ton on the market combining the rugged appeal and luxury I'm look for. 4Runner is too stripped down (an no update available for 2 years), GX is a mom-mobile, Range Rover Sport is too pricy, Tahoe/Yukon were just a tad too big and unfortunately just grew by another 7 inches.

  3. Wow is right, this looks very contemporary, and could easily be mistaken for an Audi. However, this might not do a thing to boost Jeep's already poor reliability rating.

  4. Who cares about Dodge? It’s just another brand in the same showroom with Jeeps, Rams and Chryslers. One of Sergio’s many great moves was finally giving Dodge a unique identity: performance. If Dodge is reduced to Chargers and Challengers (also FCA cash cows along with Ram) that’s fine by me.

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