2021 Mazda CX-9: tiny changes…

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The Mazda CX-9 has collected mostly great reviews when it came out in 2016. For 2021 Mazda really didn’t put any effort in revising it. As you can see, the grille is slightly different. The rest of the front end seems exactly the same as before.

Same thing inside where the only difference seems to be the larger screen. (they also added wireless charging) It’s actually fine since the CX-9 interior is still one of the best around, and didn’t need any ‘improvement’.

Engine choices are the same as well. And the automatic transmission still has only 6 gears.

No 8 speed. No panoramic sunroof. But a new Carbon Edition model starting at $41 080. (For those who like black trim and red leather interiors)

With a new Mazda6 and CX-50 coming out late next year. It’ll be a while before we see an all new CX-9 (Or CX-90) 


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  1. Proof that Vince is biased…. not a single complaint about the tablet screen here, yet every other vehicle that has it Vince has commented about how much he thinks it looks tacky or added on.

  2. I wanted to buy one a couple of years ago, but it's just too small inside to be comfortable. The third row and the cargo area are jokes.

  3. Hey Anonymous, aren't we all a little biased? This is spy shot website–calm down, Karen. Go for a walk, and stop taking things so seriously. Hug your mother.

  4. Hey Anonymous @3:17 PM, there is no need for name calling here. I happen to agree with the other anonymous poster and you at the same time. Yes Vince is showing a bit of bias here and yes we are all a little bit bias in our way. Vince got called out on his bias here and that’s perfectly ok. So take a deep breath and let’s just enjoy this website for what it is meant to be (without resorting to name calling or mean spiritedness) spy shots of some awesome (and some not so awesome) upcoming vehicles.

  5. CX9 is a crazy crossover design. Big on the exterior but small interior space on the inside! That why it does not sell many them!

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