2021 Mercedes C-Class: all-new?

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Just like with the 2021 S-Class, it is very hard to tell the new C-Class from the current one. At least on this profile spy shot. Again, (just like the S-Class) the glass area looks almost exactly the same. And so does the A-pillar. While the C-pillar does appear a bit more slanted, it could just be the photo.

And the sunroof looks like it went from a big oversized one, back to a small 90’s style design (???)

Mercedes sedans have often (but not always) been pretty conservative looking. But they always looked “very new” when a new generation was announced. Sometimes even very different from the previous one. These days it seems the company is either afraid of anything remotely new looking or just plain lazy.

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  1. You keep acting like Mercedes is the only one that does evolutionary design language. Welcome to almost all luxury brands these days.

    Also, you really think they won't have a huge sunroof too? Seeing one tester is not indicative of all options available on all models of a yet to be revealed vehicle.

  2. Like Patrick said, this is just evolutionary design. The Golf has been doing this for years, and the Porsche 911 too. Heck, the 3-series was also like that (until BMW screwed everything up with the new one). It's starting to sound like Vince has a personal agenda against Mercedes. If only he had this critical take on his beloved Hyundais and Kias…

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