2021 Mercedes C-Class: so familiar…

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German manufacturers have now trained us not to expect much with each new car generation.
Which is really too bad. Especially for Mercedes. Since every generation of their cars used to be quite different every time. 
As you can see above, the next C-Class sedan will look a lot like the current one. More than ever.
It is even very hard to tell if the glass area is actually new or not. Just like with the new S-Class
(The car here does look like it has a longer rear door than the current model on top. Which means it could be the LWB version for the Chinese market.)
I actually suspect it isn’t new. Mercedes sedans are not selling in the numbers they used to. And just like everyone else these days, it is probably hard for them to justify an all-new car every few years.
I do think this and the 2021 S-Class will share quite a bit with their predecessors.
Inside, the C-Class will have a design that looks like a smaller version of the 2021 S-Class.

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  1. I work for MB, and can confirm that this is riding on a new platform and body structure. Nothing is shared with the previous iteration.

  2. it's already the best-looking car in the segment. Mercedes has developed a pleasing, coherent, successful design language for its sedans. No need to reinvent the wheel simply to appease internet critics.

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