2021 Mercedes S-Class: interior console

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Unlike the photos posted a few weeks ago, revealing the new infotainment system, using a mockup of an interior, this is the real thing.
Hidden re the display right behind the steering wheel, and the vents above the center screen.
I really like the way the console “becomes” the center screen. But again, such a futuristic interior is at odds with the super conservative exterior. 
This is both nice and weird at the same time…

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  1. Hard to see what exactly is going on at the bottom edge of that screen. Maybe it's just my eyes, but there seems to be some really weird void spaces at the end of the center console where it meets the screen. I think Tesla does it far better on the Model S, although with much cheaper material quality.

  2. The Jeep GC has a superior setup because it has actual buttons and knobs that look easy to operate while driving. While this Mercedes has buttons, they look TINY and impossible to operate while driving.

  3. These are few cheap hatchbacks and sedans ward. They are being discontinued for North America like the Toyota Yaris aka Mazda 2!

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