2021 Mercedes S-Class: same old…

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I am sure the ‘all-new’ 2021 Mercedes S-class will be a fantastic car.

But I still think Mercedes is really pushing the ‘design laziness’ to new limits. I know other manufacturers are doing the same thing. Which doesn’t make it right.

So far, each generation has looked pretty different from the previous one. Except now, where only current owners and Mercedes super-fans will be able to recognize the new one.

Too bad these are not as reliable as they used to be, because there would really be no reason to buy a brand new one over a nice 4 or 5-year-old model…

At least as far as their exterior designs are concerned, it seems they’ve given up…

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  1. um…so the C, E, and the S series look identical now? For those being able to afford the S series, size matters.

  2. I like it. And it does look like they did make changes to the greenhouse, even if they are very subtle. The rear doors are more rounded at the back–note where the chrome trim meets the sheetmetal, and the bottom corner of the door is more lifted. I also like how they "filled out" the doors, giving it a slightly more substantial presence. The best change I'm noticing in this comparison is how the new version looks like it got a butt-lift. Definitely doesn't look like it is sagging as much as the previous version.

    Also, is that a matte paint finish on the newer version? Kinda hard to tell from the lighting.

  3. There are so few large sedans left, they can make it as bland as they want and still have it stand out.

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