2021 Nissan Pathfinder: shedding some camouflage.

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Looks like the all new 2021 Nissan pathfinder is wearing a bit see camouflage these days.

Especially up front. Where things look more and more like a larger version of the 2021 Rogue. Which would be just fine.

But let’s hope the Pathfinder isn’t turning into a longer, roomier 7 seater Rogue. Apparently a V6 could still be on the table. Which seems logical since most of the competition still uses one.

The 9 speed auto from the 2020 Frontier would also be nice. Which could predict a move away from CVT for Nissan. (Although I doubt it…)

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  1. 9 spd automatic is confirmed. Nissan is not going to run the CVT in their SUVs anymore. It will stay in their sedans for the foreseeable future however

  2. Still calling this a 2021 Vince? Other outlets are saying it will be a 2022 due to COVID related delays. It will NOT just be a longer roomier Rogue. This Pathfinder is being build on a modified version of the D platform used in the new Altima, not the CMF platform used by Rogue. The two will share common design themes especially in the interior. On the exterior, the Pathfinder will not have split front lights like the new Rogue does, but it will be more squared off compared to the current one, similar to how the new Rogue is more squared off. Also a V6 is certain as the powertrain, but the question is, will it be a carryover of the current 3.5 V6 or something else, a version of the new 3.8 V6 found in the Frontier perhaps? As for CVT, that's been harder to pin down. Some who are supposedly "in the know" have said the CVT is being replaced by a new 9 speed auto, which would pair perfectly with the new 3.8 V6. Others believe the CVT will carry over along with the current 3.5 V6. Personally, because of the differences in platforms, I find it difficult to believe a switch away from the current 3.5 V6 + CVT to the new 3.8 V6 + 9 speed is possible. Where's CarMaker1 when you need him? That guy always had good accurate info.

  3. I like where this is headed.

    Nissan, I hope you put the 3.8 and 9A in this. And that it can be equipped as a 5 seat model and comes in Monarch Orange.

    I am waiting to see what this is before buying my next vehicle!

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