2021 Peugeot 3008: a little better?

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Peugeot is getting ready to modify its popular 3008 SUV/Crossover/Wagon for the new year.
Which might actually be an improvement.
During my travels in Europe a few years ago, I saw a few of these in person. All I can say is that design is quite a mess.
Gone is the classy feel of older Italian designed Peugeot sedans and wagons. The front end alone has enough lines for 3 cars. Overy aggressive and trying really hard to look bigger than it is, I guess. (it is only about the size of a Mazda CX-30) With way too much plasticky looking chrome trim.
The new front end, although still camouflaged, already looks a bit simpler. The current engine choice for the 3008 would work well for the US. Since it includes a 1.6 Liter with 180hp and a Toyota made 8 speed automatic.

It is interesting to see where Peugeot design is going since they are still claiming to re-enter the US market “soon”. A couple of years ago “soon” meant 2026. Now it means 2023. 
Although Peugeot (PSA) and Fiat (FCA) are now a giant company, so that “soon’ might even be sooner since they will now have access to the Chrysler network in the US.
So why not…

This 1959 403 Convertible is probably Peugeot’s best-known car in the US…

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  1. Lol a mess? Seriously…one of the best looking and classiest small crossovers on the market, period!

  2. You're in a small minority, Vince. Most people are rather fond of the 3008's design. It brought a sense of confidence back to Peugeot design after the wilderness years of the awkward looking 206,307, 407,and first generation 308.

  3. I too have seen these in Europe and feel it is an absolutely beautiful design both inside and out. It would sell well in the US if FCA ever completes their tie up with PSA and might become one of their best selling cars.

  4. The 3008 has been a huge commercial success for Peugeot! Most people think it is a great design. However, Peugeot's chief designer just left to join Renault!

  5. Nope, this thing is ugly and wouldn't sell in America. American tastes are much more traditional. This might work in France and Europe but it would be a tough sell in the US.

  6. Vince, Peugeot's role in the group is to create a more aggressive look. Vauxhall will be general, Citroen modern, FIAT Chic,(they will only have 500 range plus a Supermini range 600).

  7. If PSA's designer went to Renault, it might explain why this has similar lines to the stunning Nissan Ariya we are getting next summer. Can't wait!

  8. The head of PSA design, Gilles Vidal, announced his move to Renault just last month. The Nissan Ariya and all other 2021/22 upcoming Renault/Nissan products were designed long before that.

  9. this is one of the best looking SUVs in the world. the US won't like it, they buy Corollas, Camrys and Accords. LOL

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