2021 Toyota 86: how about another picture

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From that angle, things seem a bit more different? Maybe?

It still doesn’t look like a full redesign to me. Which I would actually understand for a car that sells less than 4000 units a year (At least the Toyota version, in the US)

So why not. Most of what it needs is a bit more power and a decent interior…

And what would be so wrong with a hatchback??? (Asking for a friend…)

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  1. I'd say the front end looks taller, which could mean either adapted pedestrian safety, but probably also inline/V6 engines or space for a Turbo/Intercooler above the flatfour; FIngers crossed.

  2. I do not quite understand why they have the 86 when they have the Supra! Supra is a very ugly looking sport car. mEven the salesperson that I spoke with told me that! LOL!

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