2021/22 Genesis GV70: new pix

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Genesis is still hard at work on their smaller SUV, the GV70. Which will share its platform with the G70 sedan. Which means RWD with an AWD option.

Engines should be shared with the sedan as well. So expect a choice of 4 and 6 cylinders. Which is becoming a rarity in the segment these days.

A full EV version is also coming a bit later. 

The interior does look good on the picture above. It seems Genesis is going for a bit of originality with an oval theme.

Since both the G80 and GV80 have been pushed back in the US due to the current pandemic, we have no idea when the GV70 will come out. It should be very soon, but who knows… And why the rush anyway?

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  1. There's nothing really original about the oval theme. Ford did it with the 3rd generation Taurus.

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