2021/22 Honda Civic Illustrations : Meh…

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This looks like it should have been a previous generation design. I still think the current model looks fine and more modern than this.

Let’s hope Honda doesn’t go back to some super conservative design like they have done before. They usually come up with a very modern design for one generation and walk back a few steps the next time…

What do you think? Would this be better than what we have now?

(Thanks to a reader for these)

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  1. YIKES, my eyes literally just went from 0 to visually impaired in 0 seconds. Why would Honda take a step back in design?

  2. Typically when Honda switches to a new platform, the first generation is a bit wild. Then the second generation is toned down. I'm expecting a more conservative design for the new Civic.

  3. I like this a lot. I think the Insight is the best looking Honda out right now. I wouldn't mind if the Civic took some cues from it, like this illustration.

  4. Where are these illustrations from? They look nothing like the current Honda design language or a evolution of it. It looks like the previous Elantra.

  5. The current Honda styling is horrible in my opinion. The styling looks especially bad as the big Accord. This new Civic is much better.

  6. Looks great. The roof line over the rear doors leads me to believe there's more headroom back there. Why but a 4 door if there's no backseat headroom? What's the point? Buy the coupe.

  7. Honda are really struggling for a style atm. They make great looking cars but cannot sell them, so the revert back to boring cars that sell. They need to push Acura more as the classic brand and allow the Honda brand to become more youth and sports oriented.

  8. Agree that it's a step backward. Agree that it looks like the being phased out Elantra. No new Civic for me!

  9. Honda should stop selling Civics altogether. Honda in Japan will stop selling the Civic in Japan soon. Nobody is buying Civics because they're into the SUV/CUV fad.

  10. The Civic is still one of the best selling cars in the US. "nobody us buying Civics' couldn't be more wrong.

    They sold over 325 000 of them last year alone. (over 377 000 in 2017) Which is well over 3 times more than the HR-V.
    Almost as many as the CR-V. And more than many SUVs. Like the Mazda CX-5, Ford Escape, Hyundai Tucson, and many more.

    Whether you like it or not, the Civic is still a hugely popular model for Honda.

  11. Stop selling the Civic?

    It’s the best selling model in its class, better seller than the Crapolla.

  12. Like I said nobody buys Civics anymore. Comparing apples to apples (compact sedan to compact SUV/CUV), CR-V outsells the Civic:


    More importantly, look at the either the monthly or yearly percent changes and one can see that fewer people buy Civics compared to CR-V. Even more shocking is that the average CR-V is more expensive than the average Civic.

    Talk with facts instead of stating your opinion.

  13. I believe the front end will be something similar to the illustration and based on the Accord but the rest of the car won't be like that. If you noticed, after Honda does a revolutionary redesign to the Civic, the next one to two redesigns will be evolutionary. The 2016 Civic was a revolutionary redesign so I expect the new version to be evolutionary, meaning basically the same design as the current one. The illustration looks like a completely different car, they might surprise me but I really doubt they will.

  14. Ugh. I don't always agree with you Vince but you're spot-on with this one, IMO. it reminds my of the Camry"more lines are better" school. Stodgy!

  15. Honda doesn't care the CRV sells more than the Civic. At last count Honda sold 23K Civics in June and you want them to walk away from that? Civics sell with little money on the hood and yet they should walk away? How stupid, thank goodness you do not work for Honda though Toyota and Nissan wished you did.

  16. Just as FYI, the illustration is based on new gen Honda City (south-east asia model).
    Its a smaller sedan, Yaris/Vios sized, with a 1.0L Turbo 3-cylinder, good for around 120 or so HP.

  17. I'd be shocked if Honda goes back to a 3-pillar design for Civic or Accord now that they both have the extra window behind the rear doors, and the weird chrome tail signature leading off from the d-pillar. I think the bodywork will be much more conservative, particularly a more upright front end with slightly less overhang.. but the greenhouse of this seems extremely wrong since we know there will still be a hatchback with the extra side window.

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